Full programmes basically offer a profession-oriented education in the crafts and arts. Training develops through sequential phases (school years / semesters) and aims to respond to continuous interest in a disciplinary area, thus promoting technical proficiency, a contextual knowledge of the chosen field, critical thought and progressive autonomy of the work, according to demanding patterns of excellence.

The Continuing Education programmes offer training that complements that of Full Programmes or other non-artistic study programs. They are also designed for those who wish to further explore their creative capacities in a disciplinary or multi-disciplinary perspective. Students will be able to develop their own programme according to growing interests, personal availability and rhythm.

The Advanced Course in Visual Arts and the Individual Projects (in any area where Ar.Co offers programmes) offer a maturing and specialized training, complementing basic studies and promoting a personal, informed and responsible development of the work. Tutorships are individual or in small groups.

The Summer Courses and Youth Programmes (from 9 to 14) offer the opportunity to explore capacities and talent by introducing the students to one or more techniques and disciplinary fields.