Advanced Course in Photography

Dates 13 Out 2021 a 29 Jun 2022
Location Ar.Co – Antigo Mercado de Xabregas, Lisboa

Fee 10 x 225€ + 150€ (Enrolment) + 4,50€ (Insurance) (for enrolments until 15th September)

Admission Photography 2 or equivalent training. Portfolio presentation. Selection interview. Application deadline: portfolio reception until september 15th

Note: In light of the covid pandemic and the unpredictability of its evolution, the programs for 2021/22 may undergo format adaptations (to on-line or on-premise learning, or a mixture of both), Ar.Co’s priority being the on-premise format whenever possible and adequate. The schedules here announced therefore mention the format in which, except when impossible, the subject in question will be taught. Ar.Co will rigorously follow and implement all DGS guidelines, including the use of masks, distancing and hygiene.


Coordinator: Pedro Tropa
The Advanced Photography Course consists of a 1-year program aimed at photographic production as a means of artistic representation. It is an important complement to Ar.Co's Basic Photography Course, although it can be attended independently, upon evaluation of the candidate's training.
The curriculum emphasizes advanced training in practical and theoretical terms, considering the conceptual, aesthetic and technical aspects of photographic practice and promoting the development of personal projects. Seminar with guest teachers will be promoted.
Option for development and continuation of learning by applying to the Individual Project, characterized by a more personalized study program where the work is carried out under the guidance and direct responsibility of a proposed tutor / teacher, or more than one. At this level, students receive free access to facilities and equipment, as well as support from any other department, within the scope of work and in accordance with defined rules.