Advanced Course in Visual Arts

Dates 08 Oct 2018 to 21 Jun 2019
Duration 2 year programme
Location Quinta de São Miguel, Almada e novo Ar.Co Xabregas, Lisboa

Fee 10 x 225€ + 150€ (Enrolment) + 4,50€ (Insurance)

Admission Admission Ar.Co’s students who have finished level 3 of any department or outside candidates to whom equivalent formation is recognized may apply. Portfolio presentation. Interview. Reasonable knowledge of Art History indispensable. Knowledge of English and French recommended. Application deadline: portfolios must be received at the Director’s Office by September 15. Admissions beyond the beginning of the school year are exceptional, by interview.

Coordinator: Manuel Castro Caldas
The Advanced Course in Visual Arts - CAAP - is a two-year course. Together with “Individual Project” (which can sometimes be used as a substitute of CAAP or as its natural extension) it constitutes a final educational phase of Ar.Co’s visual arts program. The pedagogical logistics aim to orient the participants in the choice of methodologies relevant for their development of a personal path by stimulating their critical/reflexive curiosity and their conquest of greater practical fluency in expression. The program’s development is centered around individual work in the studio, followed by one or more tutors. Theorectical sessions and participation in guided tours and meetings with guests complement studio practice. Participants may have free access (for determined periods of time) to specific training units or programmes and/or technical services available at the school. 200 credits for using in courses offered by the Art History and Theory department are available each year for each student.
Studio spaces: Ar.Co’s facilities at Quinta de S. Miguel, Almada.
Class normally meets in the school’s Library at Quinta de S. Miguel, Almada (usually Fridays, beginning at 5 p.m., always confirmed in advance).