Advanced Course in Visual Arts

Dates 9 Oct 2023 to 21 Jun 2024
Duration 2 year programme
Location Ar.Co Quinta de São Miguel, Almada e Ar.Co Xabregas, Lisboa

Fee 10 x 230€ + 150€ (Enrolment) + 4,50€ (Insurance) (for enrolments until 15th September)

Prerequisites: Ar.Co’s Full Programme in any department or formative experience recognized as equivalent. Reasonable knowledge of Art History (indispensable). Portfolio and selective interview.
Deadline for applications: portfolio handed in by the end of September (10-15 digital images preferably, with good quality). Admissions beyond the starting date of the school year are exceptional and will be analysed on an individual basis.


Coordinator: Manuel Castro Caldas
The Advanced Course in Visual Arts is a two-year programme that constitutes a demanding and eventually final stage of Ar.Co’s formation in the visual arts. Its main objective is to provide the means for informed choices in the creation of individual artistic paths, by stimulating critical thought, reflexive ability and a marked fluency in the practical work.
Learning experience is centered on two indissociable modes of participation:
- Development of practical work, followed by a tutor or more than one,
in the Almada studios or in one of the school departments.
- Attendance of group sessions (on-premise and/or on-line): classes, text readings and discussions, guided tours, meetings with guests, etc.
Students enrolled in the Advanced Course in Visual Arts can eventually acceed, when authorized by the program director, to other formative blocks or services available in Ar.Co.
Studio facilities: Quinta de S. Miguel, Almada.
Theoretical sessions: variable frequency (weekly, bi-weekly or other); dates and hours scheduled in advance.
Enrollment includes 100 credits per year in courses/workshops of Art History and Theory of the student’s choice.
Teachers: Manuel Castro Caldas
Tutors: Manuel Castro Caldas, Manuel Caldeira, Marcelo Costa, Jorge Nesbitt, Alexandre Camarao, Francisca Carvalho, Pedro Tropa, Maria Ana Vasco Costa, Vasco Futscher, Madalena Parreira e convidados.