Theoretical Illustration Course – On the fringe

Date 19 Jan to 9 Feb 2022


  • Manuela Correia Braga

Location À distância/On-line
Schedule Wednesdays from 18h às 20h
Type occasional

On the fringe: the Bestiary, the bizarre and illustrations' intersections with texts and other ‘front page’ arts.

On-line classes.
To illustrate means bringing to light and, in history, artistic ingenuity has given free rein to fantasy, often to end up in worlds that proved inaccessible to Reason.
The bestiary has also served the purpose of speaking about the human in oblique ways, through various asides in texts or narratives and every sort of distortion, when the wonders of the world were yet to be known and reached.
The modern world, confident in the sympathies between all species in Creation, will scrutinize the physiognomy of beasts looking for human psychology, blurring the limits of both categories.
Artistic hierarquies are also dissolved as the minor bestiary in sketchbooks moves on to the big canvas, while the Human is enunciated in more monstruous becomings.