Theoretical Illustration Course – In the path of Mnemosyne

Date 2 to 23 Mar 2022


  • Manuela Correia Braga

Location À distância/On-line
Schedule Wednesdays from 18h às 20h
Type occasional

In the path of Mnemosyne: Babel’s utopia; The world Atlas and the chain associations of hypertext.
On-line classes.
Mnemosyne – the goddess of memory and mother of the muses, associated to Atlas holding the world on his shoulders, turns into an art of visual reconstitution and support of oratory, while at the same time expressing a symptom of the human desire to know and control everything. Its use will be expressed in visual taxonomies and scientific schemes, in the logic of imagery in language and in the grammatical games of mnemonics – the “total art” in a theatre of concepts and images, a representational microcosmos of everything that exists or can be thought.
This idea of a total Atlas of imagery also implies the opportunity to overcome Reason – in the use of drugs, by diving into the unconscious of lapsus linguae, in the puns of pataphysics, in Dada, in Surrealism.
In the footpath of Memory as a monumental compilation of artistic forms, we will go from Ad Reinhardt’s cartoon jokes on the History of Art to more complex projects of the images’ journey through time (Warburg), until we find its reverse – the melancholy of that which is destined to oblivion (Robert Smithson’s projects or Rodney Graham’s pantomimes).