Ceramics III - 2nd semester

Date 19 Fev to 18 Jun 2019


Location Ar.Co - Quinta de São Miguel, Almada
Number of hours 48 hours
Schedule Tuesdays 10h00 to 13h00
Type semestrial

Program Ceramics III is the core course of year 3. Evaluation of the participants’ progress is both continuous (the responsibility of each teacher) and formally confirmed, twice a year, with the presence of the head of department. A consistent and diversified body of work will become, all throughout the year, the participants’ individual portfolio. Distinctive characteristics of Ceramics III in the 2nd semester: strong emphasis on individual, autonomous work; different working techniques with porcelain slip in larger dimensions; building with coils, slab and carving block; finishing with glazes and textures; emphasis on experimentation and concentration as conditions of rigor and progress. Following the pieces’ firing and acquiring autonomy in the handling of the kilns is encouraged.