Ceramics III - 2nd semester

Date 22 Feb to 14 Jun 2021


  • Vasco Futscher

Location Ar.Co - Quinta de São Miguel, Almada
Schedule On-premise classes: Wednesdays 10h- 13h;
Type semestrial

On-premise (in shifts) and on-line clases.
Ceramics III is the core course of year 3. Evaluation of the participants’ progress is both continuous (the responsibility of each teacher) and formally confirmed, twice a year, with the presence of the head of department. A consistent and diversified body of work will become, all throughout the year, the participants’ individual portfolio. Distinctive characteristics of Ceramics III in the 2nd semester: strong emphasis on individual, autonomous work; training with different working techniques with porcelain slip in larger dimensions; Building with molds, coils, slabs and carving blocks; finishing with glazes and textures; emphasis on experimentation and concentration as conditions of rigor and progress. Following the pieces’ firing and acquiring autonomy in the handling of the kilns is encouraged.