Individual Project

Fee Variable

Admission For students of Ar.Co: Level 3 or equivalent training. Portfolio presentation. Previous appointment of a teacher at Ar.Co as tutor. Approval by the Board of Directors of Ar.Co. Application deadline: portfolio reception until September 30th.



Note: In light of the covid pandemic and the unpredictability of its evolution, the programmes will be adapted to on-line or on-premise learning (or a mixture of both in exceptional cases). Ar.Co will rigorously follow and implement all DGS guidelines.

The Individual Project - a relatively informal unit when compared with other courses – is characterized by a more personalized study programme and a by variable duration in time. Work is produced under the orientation and direct responsibility of a tutor/teacher (or eventually more than one). The exact forms of tutor orientation and of the participant’s access to school equipments, spaces, services and course attendance are decided on the basis of each case’s specific needs. The Individual Project may be considered an intermediate stage or a final stage in the student’s formation. In the case of the latter, the student will eventually integrate the annual, public Final Exhibition.