What is Contemporary Art?

Date 21,22,28 February ; 1st March 2019
Location Novo Ar.Co – Xabregas
Number of hours 8 hours - 50 credits

Price 65€ + 6,50€ (Enrolment) + 0,75€ (Insurance)

Schedule Thursdays & Fridays 13h30 to 15h30

Type occasional

Program The term “Contemporary Art” generically designates the visual arts produced from the prolific 1960s to today. If the 60s embodied the overthrow of the last set of norms that determined artistic mediums and art movements within the history of modern art, one questions whether this term marks the simultaneous, and apparently limitless, multiplication of ways of making and seeing visual art. In fact, Contemporary Art is often defined as a heterogenous descriptive field, with vague empirical parameters and a thin conceptual ground. In this short course, we will engage with ways of thinking about Contemporary Art that go beyond its current use. More than introducing a theory of Contemporary Art, we will ask the question – what is Contemporary Art? – in a conceptually sound manner so as to acquire the appropriate tools that enable us to think such a diverse territory.