Programmes - Professor

Ricardo Guerreiro

CV Electroacoustic music composer, with a keen interest in the algorithmic description of sonic phenomena and musical structuring. Over the last years he worked extensively with different musicians in the composition of collaborative performance situations for diversified contexts. Ph.D. in Computer Music (School of Arts, UCP Porto). He graduated in Music Composition at the Lisbon College of Music (2000) and, in 2004, obtained his diploma in Electronic Music at the Music Conservatory of Venice, Italy. He has participated in several courses and seminars on music composition in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro, Paris (IRCAM – ’99), Darmstadt (Summer Courses – ’98 and 2000) and Venice. With a scholarship from the Italian Government and supervised by Professor Alvise Vidolin, he developed a research project on the computer music of Luigi Nono’s Prometeo, both at the Center of Computational Sonology (CSC) of Padua, and the Luigi Nono Archive. He participated in the semester seminars of Aesthetics and Iconology with Professor Giorgio Agamben at the Universities of Verona and Venice, respectively. In 2007 he concluded a bachelor’s in Musicology at the New University of Lisbon. His Ph.D. research – Computer mediated networks in the composition and performance of interactive musical situations – discusses a conceptual framework for computer music composition in collaborative electroacoustic improvisation contexts.