Enrolment and fees


Enrollment for the 1st semester opens on the 3rd week of July, and for the 2nd semester on the 3rd week of January.
Enrolments will be accepted until all places have been filled.

Students can enroll in person at the Lisbon or Almada offices, or by email. To enroll by email the candidate should fill in the enrollment form, which can be downloaded from the Ar.Co website (go to student guide / enrollment & fees) and indicate the preferred payment method. You will receive an email with the NIB and amount for which the payment should be made. After making the payment a proof of payment, correctly identified, should also be sent to Ar.Co in order to complete the enrollment process.

Enrolment Fees

Full Programmes: 150,00€ (annual); 75,00€ (semester)
Evening/Night Programmes: 120,00€ (annual); 60,00€ (semester)
Other: enrolment fee is Included in the announced price.


Annual Programmes: 4,50€
Semester Programmes: 2,50€
Other: Insurance fee is included in the announced price.


- 40% discount if enrolled in two full programs in the same academic year (aplied to the fee of inferior value)
- 10% discount on fees for continuing education programs if a student enrolls in a full program or in a night course
- Discount Cards: Discount can only be realized by the person to whose name is on the card and will only be applied after the act of presenting the card. These discounts are limited and depend upon the vacancies and prerequisites of the particular course.
- - 10% discount on fees for Level 1 full courses.
- - 5% discount on fees for one continuing education program (applicable to only 1 course per academic year)

Discounts cannot be combined

Quitting and Refunding

Quitting must be communicated by writing at the Lisbon or Almada offices:
If communicated more than 10 days before the beginning of the course, refund will be 100% of liquidated fee.
If communicated within 10 days including the first of the course, refund will be 75% of liquidated fee.
If communicated within the first 15 days of the course, refund will be 50% of liquidated fee.
If communicated within the first 30 days of the course, refund will be 25% of liquidated fee.
After 30 days from de beggining of the course there will be no refund.

Refunds do not comprise enrolment fee and insurance.
Continuing Education programmes are not refundable.

Delay in Payment

Delayed payments are subject to a fine of 10%


Upon enrollment students should complete the payment for: enrollment fee + insurance + 1st installment (or total value of course fees if you opt for payment in full).

Payment in full

Payments in full benefit from a reduction of 10% for annual programs and 5% for semester programs.

Payment by Instalments

Installments must be liquidated until the 10th of each month, at the Lisbon or Almada offices, or by bank transfer (pending proof of payment).

Annual programmes:
Tuitions are divided in 10 instalments for enrolments until 15th of September. For enrolments after this date tuitiond are divided by 9 instalments.

Semester Programmes

1st instalment – with enrolment;
2nd instalment– until the 10th of October (1st semester); until the 10th of March (2nd semester);
Remaining instalments – until the 10th day of the following months: November and December (1st semester); April and May (2nd Semester).

Continuing Education programmes/courses

Payment in full with enrolment

Unless specified materials are not included in the fee. Information about materials required for each course can be obtained in the offices.


Full Programs are courses integrated in multi annual programs, corresponding to a certificate (Basic Studies Plan / Complete Studies Plan).
Continuing Education Programs are Evening/Night Courses, Workshops, Young People’s Summer Courses & Theory Courses.