Painting II

Date 07 Oct 2019 to 17 Jun 2020


Location Ar.Co – Antigo Mercado de Xabregas, Lisboa.
Number of hours 160 hours
Schedule Mondays and Wednesdays from 10h30 to 13h
Type annual

Program Painting II differs from the previous level in two fundamental ways: the development of a continuing studio practice complementing the class program; the sharing of class and studio rooms with Drawing II, allowing for a more fluid development of technical skills, while simultaneously promoting a more acute awareness of the questions inherent to artistic practice. Experimentation is now more focused and should lead to the surfacing of an individual dimension in the work. Evaluation of the work’s progress is both continuous and confirmed, several times a year, with the presence of the head of department. The building of an abundant, consistent and individualized portfolio is encouraged.