Drawing II

Date 13 Oct to 29 Jun 2022


  • Alexandre Camarao
  • Professores convidados

Location Ar.Co – Antigo Mercado de Xabregas, Lisboa.
Schedule Mondays and Wednesdays 10h30 to 13h (on-premise) + Fridays 20h-22h (2 on-line classes per month from November)
Type annual

On-premise and on-line classes.
Drawing II differs from the previous level in two fundamental ways: the development of a continuing studio practice complementing the class program; the sharing of class and studio rooms with Painting II, promoting a wider technical horizon and a more acute awareness of the questions inherent to artistic practice. Experimentation is now more focused and should lead to a personal dimension in the work. As in the previous year, evaluation of the work’s progress is both continuous and confirmed, several times a year, with the presence of the head of department. All throughout the school year students will build an abundant, consistent and individualized portfolio.