Drawing III

Date 14 Oct 2021to 28 Jun 2022


  • Pedro Sousa Vieira
  • Pedro Calhau

Location Ar.Co - Quinta de São Miguel, Almada
Schedule Tuesdays and Thrisdays 10h30-13h00 (on-premise) +Fridays 20h00-22h00 (on-line)
Type annual

On-premise and on-line classes.
Drawing III differs from the previous level in that it shares its program and (ampler) studio spaces with Painting III. Teachers accompany the students’ work on a highly individualized basis (approaching the tutorial format, used in a more developed format at the Advanced Course in the Visual Arts). The physical proximity with the Advanced Courses’ studio spaces and the school Library at the Quinta de S. Miguel helps promote an updated and informed frame of mind and a more individualized character of the student’s work.
Evaluation of the students’ progress will take place several times a year with the presence of the head of department.
By the end of the year personal portfolios are expected to reflect an ample production of significant consistency.
Tuesday and Thursday classes are on-premise and oriented, in turns, by the main teachers, Pedro Calhau and Pedro Sousa Vieira. Friday classes will be on-line and also oriented by these teachers - they have a more theoretical character and will be shared with the students of Level 3 of the Drawing Evening Course.