Night Course: Drawing and Painting 3

Date 13 Oct to 29 Jun 2022
Location Ar.Co – Antigo Mercado de Xabregas, Lisboa.

Price 10 x 120€ + 120€ (Enrolment) + 4,50€ (Insurance) (for enrolments up to 15th september)

Drawing and painting night course 2 or interview.

Note: In light of the covid pandemic and the unpredictability of its evolution, the programs for 2021/22 may undergo format adaptations (to on-line or on-premise learning, or a mixture of both), Ar.Co’s priority being the on-premise format whenever possible and adequate. The schedules here announced therefore mention the format in which, except when impossible, the subject in question will be taught. Ar.Co will rigorously follow and implement all DGS guidelines, including the use of masks, distancing and hygiene.

Type annual

Evening Course in Drawing and Painting III
On-premise + on-line classes.
14 Oct 2021 to 23 Jun 2022
Thursdays 20h00-22h30 (on-premise) Fridays 20h00-22h00 (on-line )
Orientation of the students’ work is highly individualized, approaching the model of tutorials. Thursday classes are more dedicated to this type of orientation, promoting an informed and up to date attitude. Wednesday and Friday classes have a more theoretical character, aiming to stimulate and contextualize the individual work of each student.

Lab III (Drawing/Painting)
On-line + on-premise classes.
25 Oct 2021 to 06 Jun 2022 (every other week
Mondays 20h00-22h00 (on-premise)
Relevant themes within the context of the school experience will be discussed. Topically, practical exercises are proposed. The program also includes contributions by guest artists and theoreticians, guided tours and other activities, important for the development of a personal aesthetics and of an individualized style. Some sessions will be intimately related to, and articulated with, the program of Drawing and Painting III.

Workshop: Stories of sculpture and objects
(on-line, except for the last 3 sessions in Ar.Co - Xabregas)
2 Mar to 29 Jun 2022
Wednesdays 18h00-20h00 (online, except 15, 22 e 29 Junho - on-premise)
2 simple, operative themes, related to three-dimensional forms in art, will be approached from a theoretical point of view. Each one of these themes will be developed by two different teachers, in 2 sets of 3 drawing sessions. At the end of the workshop the teachers involved in the workshop will comment on a selection of works.

Photography, Drawing and Cinema Workshop: Field trip
8 to 10 Jul 2022 (a cofnrimar)
Location: Serra da Estrela
Fridays to Sunday 11h - 13h / 14h- 16h
Focusing on the landscape as the main element, participants are encouraged to develop highly individualized work in an intensive regime.

The Evening Course promotes the development of technical and artistic skills in the areas of Painting/Drawing. Further development options: Level 3 of the Standard Course in Painting or Drawing, Advanced Course in the Visual Arts, Individual Project or other.