Night Course: Drawing and Painting 3 (2nd semestre)

Date 18 Feb to 19 Jun 2019
Location Novo Ar.Co – Xabregas
Number of hours 77,5 horas

Price 4 x 147,50€ + 60€ (Insc) + 2,50€ (Seg

Admission Drawing and Painting night course 2 or interview

Schedule Monday and Wednesdayfrom 20h to 22h30

Type semestrial

The Evening Course in Drawing and Painting 3 differs from previous levels in that the work’s progress is followed by teachers in a more individualized basis, taking the form of a near-tutorship (the tutorship format is fully developed subsequently, for those enrolling in the Advanced Course in Visual Arts). The course aims at promoting a more informed attitude on the part of students in what concerns the main questions posed by contemporary artistic production. The personal nature of the work is also further encouraged.
Several evaluation sessions will be held throughout the school year with the presence of one of the heads of department.
By the end of the school year each participant’s portfolio should reflect an abundant production and demonstrate an authorial consistency.