Theoretical Course in Illustration II – “Se non è vero è ben trovato”: prodigies and fantasies around Science

Date 18 Mar to 15 Apr 2020
Location Ar.Co – Antigo Mercado de Xabregas, Lisboa.
Number of hours 8 horas - 25 Créditos

Price 90€ + 9€ (Insc) + 0,75€ (Seg)

Schedule Wednesdays from 18h to 20h

Type occasional

Program Rumours fly and reproduce in legends. They are associated to the goddess Fame and can cover truth with darkness just as they can make it drift towards the most wonderful fantasies. The course approaches the fanciful incursions in the field of science that originated legends and fabulous figurations, treated as prodigious discoveries that found an echo in illustrations. Considering the historical period that goes from Antiquity to the 21st Century we will account for various projects of virtuous devices in drawings and in prints that, like a virtual hypertext, made Art profit from the scientific falsities where curiosity won the battle over truth.