Workshop Edição Livros de Artista

Date 27, 29 Apr, 4 e 6 Mai 2020
Location Ar.Co – Antigo Mercado de Xabregas, Lisboa.
Number of hours 12 hours

Price 100€ + 10€ (Insc) + 0,75€ (Seg)

Schedule Monday and Wednesdays from 14h to 17h

Type occasional

The workshop will focus on the relation between design and cinema. There are numerous possible forms of dialogue between the different art forms and diving deep into each one’s specificity can enrich our way of looking and widen the field of our options in the construction of an artwork in any format. Just as there are relations between music and the fine arts or between design and literature, so there can be relations between a book and a film. Although the means of materializing one and the other may be distinct, structuring a book and editing a film share a series of common or equivalent factors that allow us to discover unforseen possibilities in the creation of the former and the latter. Departing from the geometry of the tiniest point* we will understand the forms of letter and page, the proportions and the narrative relations that can be established between creator, content, container and public.

*from a sentence by Manuel Zimbro: “That tiniest of points flying is a gigantic pine tree”