Night Course: Painting and Drawing 1 + Live model (1st Semestre)

Date 9 Out 2018 a 7 Fev 2019
Location Novo Ar.Co – Xabregas
Number of hours 80 + 22 hours

Price 4 x 155€ + 60€ (Insc) + 2,50€ (Seg)

Admission Level 1: No requirements. By order of enrolment.

Schedule Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 20h to 22h30 (+ Mondays from 20h to 22h from 18 Oct to 17 Dec 2018)

Type semestrial

The Night Course in Drawing/Painting follows the general pedagogical orientations of the standard daytime course. In the Night Course the 3 Levels function together, in order to provide a more diversified training and a quicker widening of the participants’ cultural, aesthetic and technical horizon. Teachers will attend to the students’ progress in a differentiated way. In this context, practical and thematic exercises aim at developing the participants’ capacity for observation and representation, as well as their individualized expressive skills. Emphasis on experimentation in what regards both working modes and materials (oil paint, India ink, gouache, charcoal, oil pastel, graphite, etc.) ensure that students will gradually acquire an awareness of the more relevant questions regarding contemporary artistic production. Progress is closely followed by teachers and confirmed in formal evaluations with the presence of one of the heads of department. For each level of the Course, the main objective is the constitution of a portfolio that is both abundant and as personal as possible.
The Evening Course promotes the development of technical and artistic skills in the areas of Painting/Drawing.
Notes: Further development options: application to Level 3 of the Standard Course in Painting or Drawing, Advanced Course in the Visual Arts, Individual Project or other.